MTV Military Man

from by Troubador!



I'm just a boy with big dreams. And like a dream I wish i could have you every night of the week, but I can't. So I'll have to learn to adapt, and although I feel so incomplete. All my doll parts are intact.


Well maybe one day we'll make the MTV. But until then we'll have to get used to playing for pennies in the street and they'll give us dirty looks. and they'll say "Boy! you can't play guitar you'd better hit the books" "Better start a family be the man society says you have to be"


We've been waiting for you since mornin' Jack, what took you so long were you fuckin around in the back of nothingness? Of greed and ugliness?


I saw a beggar with a sign in his hand, it said "I fought just to fall so far down I can't get back up again" So could you spare a nickel or a dime. So I don't have to die broke, so I don't have to die a joke, So I don't have to choke on this noose around my throat.


You'd better mind your manners and watch your tongue. and if you forget how to apologize you'd better hope you're never sorry again. Cause these uniformed men carry silver guns, and they'll put a bullet in your brain if you don't walk and talk and speak and think just like them.

OooOoOooOooOo (AyyAyyAyyAYyAYyy)


from "Beat Les Troubador", released September 13, 2012



all rights reserved


Troubador! Livermore, California

Maybe one day we'll make the MTV, but until then we'll have to get used to playing for pennies in the street.

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